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The VFW exists to Support Veterans, provide Advocacy, show Patriotism, continue Tradition, and unite veterans for Camaraderie.

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You can join at your Local VFW Post or join online at the National VFW website. You can become a member-at-large with annual dues of $45.

Your Pennsylvania VFW – No One Does More 

VFW Year in Review

Improving lives for our veterans, troops and citizens

Your Benefits Watchdog

Protecting your benefits and preserving your rights

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VFW Benefits Younger Veterans

Serving veterans from all eras including our newest generation

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Standing By You

VFW Service Officers helps John Gomez (OEF) and thousands more to navigate the VA benefit system.

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Count on Us

VFW Foundation fills in governmental assistance gaps for troops, military families and America’s veterans.

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Veterans Crisis Line

You’ve got friends in the right places to help you deal with life during or after military service.  Don’t go it alone.

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The Pennsylvania VFW consists of patriotic men and women who defended America and freedom through overseas combat campaigns, covert special ops and peacekeeping missions. We proudly continue serving our nation through the VFW.

Our common bond and shared respect drive us to support those who’ve borne the burden of battle. Our impressive track record of providing veterans with benefits, advocacy on Capitol Hill, transition guidance, employment opportunities, camaraderie and support proves that NO ONE DOES MORE for Veterans … PERIOD!

Regardless of how you earned your eligibility, we value and appreciate your service. This video and others on this site clearly show that you belong here. We care about you. We welcome your participation as we ensure that America keeps its promises to veterans, our troops and their families.

Our Mission in Motion


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  • Commander

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  • a-914-vet-day-parade1

  • a-mckees-rocks-with-troops-at-vet-day-parade1

  • a-post-aux-bingo

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  • a-vfw-group-with-tag-others

  • a-VFW-Pearl-Harbor-Survivor1

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  • a-7783-scholarships

  • a-8951-or-district-loyalty-day-20151

  • a-150424-Z-PU513-0531

  • MorePhotos

  • a-chalfont

  • a-national-guard-828th-Deployment

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  • VFW-reps-with-PA-Guardians-at-FTIG

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  • a-VFW-Pearl-Harbor-Survivor

  • a-post-914

  • a-Natl-and-Dept-Firefigther-Award-Presentation

  • VFW-Post-7714-MAP-Event-Photo1

  • a-VFW-Red-Horse1

  • a-radko-award1

  • a-PAARNG-SFAT-Afgh1

  • a-100th-71

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  • a-mercer

  • a-1989-Indiana-holiday-party-for-vets

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