In addition to this presentation and the videos below  check out more VFW Videos on YouTube at These videos provide great presentations about why the VFW mission is more important than ever, and how the VFW does more for veterans than any other organization.

Using these videos during Post meetings or recruiting events will clearly show that VFW Posts are about more than providing social opportunities. In fact, these productions are a great reply to eligible members who respond to invitations to join with “I don’t drink or smoke” or “I’ll never go into my local Post.”

These videos will provide a comprehensive overview about the many ways that the VFW works hard every day for veterans and military families.

VFW Benefits Younger Veterans

Serving veterans from all eras including the newest generation

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Your Benefits Watchdog

Protecting your benefits and preserving your rights

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Standing By You

Our full-time accredited Service Officers provide all veterans with free government benefit assistance.

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When Times are Tough

The VFW Foundation provides emergency financial assistance for military families and veterans.

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We Thank You

“I Fought for You” is a testimony to the service of veterans. It’s also reminds young persons to thank a vet.

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Today's VA

If you or a Veteran you know is in crisis or could use help with emotional issues call 1-800-273-8255.

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Veterans Crisis Line

You’re not alone in dealing with life during and after military service. You’ve got friends in the right places.

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VFW Year in Review

Take a look at how we served veterans, our troops and our communities over the past year.

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Below, enjoy the photo slideshow featuring PA VFW leadership and Post members across the state along with those defending our freedom today. Hit the play button in the image viewer and the images will transition after 5 seconds.


  • a-PA-Guard-MEDEVAC-with-VFW-Flag-1

  • IMG_30782

  • 2015-Memorial-Day1

  • IMG_6561

  • a-780-home-coming-D60_53181

  • PA-Guard-Police-Advising-Team-Afgh1

  • a-100th-71

  • a-Natl-and-Dept-Firefigther-Award-Presentation

  • IMG_5461

  • IMG_36542

  • 15-16-State-Champion-Clearfield

  • cameron2

  • JROTC-0051

  • 12240260_326474480854824_3062427747070104543_o1

  • Ongela-and-Judy-Mem-day-2013

  • IMG_30722

  • Mane-Event-group1

  • photo

  • a-PAARNG-SFAT-Afgh1

  • a-radko-award1

  • a-VFW-Red-Horse1

  • VFW-Post-7714-MAP-Event-Photo1

  • IMG_1776

  • IMG_1775

  • IMG_1731

  • IMG_1719

  • IMG_1471

  • IMG_1325

  • IMG_1119

  • IMG_0976

  • VFW-reps-with-PA-Guardians-at-FTIG

  • IMG_9271

  • DSCN0416

  • DSCN0401

  • DSCN0409

  • IMG_9912

  • IMG_0963

  • IMG_9818

  • IMG_9856

  • IMG_1310

  • a-post-9141

  • a-national-guard-828th-Deployment

  • a-chalfont

  • a-150424-Z-PU513-0531

  • a-8951-or-district-loyalty-day-20151

  • a-7783-scholarships

  • a-5069

  • a-VFW-Pearl-Harbor-Survivor1

  • a-vfw-group-with-tag-others

  • a-VAMC-crescenz-photo-credit-needed

  • a-post-aux-bingo

  • Eagle-pic

  • IMG_1742

  • a-post-9142

  • a-50691

  • 10411134_10152830951409147_5637809343058849059_n

  • IMG_2087

  • a-post-914

  • a-mckees-rocks-with-troops-at-vet-day-parade1

  • a-914-vet-day-parade1

  • IMG_6550

  • MorePhotos

  • IMG_34181

  • a-post-2-100-II1

  • IMG_3023-1

  • a-mercer

  • a-1989-Indiana-holiday-party-for-vets

  • IMG_3078-1

  • DSCN1055

  • IMG958265

  • DSCN1059

  • IMG_4526

  • IMG_3730

  • IMG_3685

  • IMG_3651

  • IMG_5184-1

  • IMG_5322-1

  • IMG_5618-1

  • IMG_5884-1

  • IMG_5891-1

  • IMG_4974-1

  • IMG_5125-1

  • IMG_5133-1

  • IMG_5185

  • 20160619_155047_HDR

  • a-21-Connellsville-Mem-Day-Jones-and-Brown

  • a-879-adopted-a-unit

  • a-1754-Tractor-Supply

  • a-aucker-Post-donation-fire-station

  • a-Aucker-Post-donation-police-camp

  • a-district-donation-for-women-vets

  • IMG_5133-2

  • IMG_5321

  • IMG_5598

  • IMG_5767-2

  • IMG_5800

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