Did you know that our National Anthem has four verses? Do you know what constitutes the Bill of Rights? Ever notice how many major historical documents written to guide America forward have specific mentions about the nation seeking the direction and blessings of a Supreme God? Visit these links to refresh your memory about the important historical documents that are the foundation of America’s freedom.

Historical Documents
The U.S. Constitution
Your National Bill of Rights
America’s Declaration of Independence
Our Pledge of Allegiance

America’s National Anthem
God Bless America
America, the Beautiful
My Country ‘Tis of Thee

Tributes to Veterans and Military Personnel
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“It is the Veteran”
My Comrades … Such Good Men
The Veteran – A Poem by Past State Commander Peter Krenitsky
Veteran to Veteran
Memorial Day Speech by PA Guard CH (LTC) Doug Etter, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Freedom in America
Honoring Our Military
Veterans Day Speech

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