Comrades! Previously in our MEMBERSHIP FOCUS email we talked about the importance of making sure Post officers have their dues paid on time. Today we’re going to cover a recent membership program put forward by our Commander-in-Chief, the POT O’ GOLD Drawing.
“POT O’ GOLD” Member Drawing
Three (3) winners will be drawn and accompany the Commander-in-Chief on an all-expense paid trip to Ireland (Fall 2017) along with their spouse or guest.
For any new/reinstated member recruited between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017:
• You will receive one (1) chance for every five (5) new/reinstated members recruited
• You will receive ten (10) chances for every increment of 25 new/reinstated members recruited
 Attention Post and District Commander:
 You will receive ten (10) chances in recognition of 85%+ post and district retention
Drawing will take place July 1, 2017
• All awards are non-transferable
This is a challenge set out by the Commander-in-Chief and will count new and reinstated members recruited by an individual as well as retention for Posts and Districts, so really, it’s three ways to enter.
First, the individual challenge – to go out and recruit or reinstate members for the VFW. For every five members you recruit or reinstate through June 30, 2017, your name will go into a drawing. For every twenty-five, your name will be entered an additional TEN times.
To explain the math – recruit 5 members, get 1 entry. Recruit 15, get 3. Recruit 25, get 15 (5 plus 10). Recruit 30, get 20 entries. Recruit 50, you’d have 30 entries (10 + 10 + 10).
And to define the terminology we’re using here: a NEW member is a qualifying veteran who has not been part of the VFW before. A REINSTATED member is a prior member whose dues have been unpaid for TWO FULL YEARS. These are the members that will be counting for this program. Remember, you must make certain that your name and membership number are filled out on the VFW Membership Application for these individuals.
Second, if on June 30th a Post has reached 85% retention or more, the commander will get ten entries into the drawing. What we mean by retention – if you look at your Post Roster as of June 30, 2016 – at least 85% of those individuals by name must be paid VFW members. If you had 100 paid members on June 30th, 15 of them did not pay dues, 85 did, and you recruited 30 new members – your retention percentage is 85%, because that is how many of your members you retained from year to year.
Third, the same goes for District commanders. If your District makes 85% retention, you’ll get ten entries into the drawing.
On July 1, 2017 – all the names: individual recruiters, Post commanders, and District commanders, will go into a drawing and three names will be selected at random. You will be notified shortly thereafter and you and a guest will be invited along on an all-expenses-paid trip to Ireland with the Commander-in-Chief in the fall of 2017 (final dates pending).
The VFW Membership Department has a number of existing incentives for recruiting members, as shown in the Membership Program. This is another way to reward all of our members who are out there strengthening our ranks by bringing new veterans into the fold. Not just our Century Club recruiters bringing in over 100 new members a year, but all of us who are out there spreading the word and getting new members brought to the Post. Remember that every single VFW member is a recruiter, and that recruiting a new member is only the first step. From there, it is all of our duty to make that member a part of the organization through involving them in Post activities and mentoring them in the ways and traditions of the VFW.
The POT O’ GOLD contest is intended to show the Commander-in-Chief’s appreciation to our members who are out there helping to increase our membership, and to give all our members a chance to show how NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS.
Further information about the POT O’ GOLD Contest is available online at You can also contact the National Membership Department directly with any questions you might have.
If you have any comments or questions, or ideas for future MEMBERSHIP FOCUS emails, please respond and let us know. In addition, we encourage you to make use of the various webinars and training materials that we have provided online at On this page you can also find the current VFW Membership Program which we encourage every Post to become familiar with, as it explains the criteria for various awards and recognition programs such as All-American.
Also, be sure to follow the VFW Membership department’s Facebook page at where we are constantly posting news and updates concerning VFW events and training.
Until next week, stay focused on membership!
Matt Nute
VFW Membership Department
Ph: 1-888-JOIN-VFW (888-564-6839)
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