Buddy Poppy Shortage

COVID-19 has had an impact on our organization in many different ways. One of the impacts is that our disabled veterans who assembled these poppies are not able to congregate and produce the buddy poppies as they use to. We have issued a challenge to all Posts and Districts; produce 100,000 Buddy Poppies and earn $2,000. This would provide some posts that are not able to open due to the COVID-19 a great way to earn the extra funds needed to keep the Posts afloat during this difficult time. 

The Buddy Poppy program has been a hallmark of our organization for years and we wish to see it continue to flourish. You can help us limit the impacts of COVID on our organization and continue our mission to support our veterans, their families and our communities.

Those interested will be placed in contact with National HQs and they will provide the raw materials.


Department of Pennsylvania VFW, 4002 Fenton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA  17109

Tele: 717-234-7927 Fax: 717-234-1955 [email protected]

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