Our award-winning newspaper—Pennsylvania VFW News—is printed four times a year to keep members informed about important news affecting the VFW and veterans. All Pennsylvania VFW members whose current addresses are on file at National HQ receive the paper.

Members are encouraged to submit “Member Profile” forms (see the District/Post Tools section) which will be considered for publication.

To promote reunions or other events please review the deadlines below. Photos of post events can be emailed (high-resolution digital file) to Department Communications Director David Sandman [email protected] along with a caption explaining the program. If you send a photo print by mail please do not send the original. Newspaper clippings or faxes are not be accepted for publication. To send us a photo taken by a news photographer, contact the paper for permission to reprint the image and ask the photographer to email the photo to us.

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Photography tips

State HQ welcomes photo submissions showing Posts carrying out the VFW mission. We strive to achieve high quality reproduction in our newspaper. Therefore, do not submit newspaper clippings; instead, contact the paper to acquire the file  and email the image [email protected] with caption and the paper’s reprint permission. Also do not send in photocopies or prints made on non-photo paper. Digital camera users should learn which setting on their camera yields the best quality photo. Photos with the highest possible resolution (or as many pixels as possible) will provide the best reproduction results. If your digital files are less than 500k increase your image quality setting. When indoors use a setting that ensures that the flash will fire. Avoid bright lighting behind your objects which could cause your photo to be too dark.

Deadlines for submissions:

August/September Issue: July 1
November/December Issue: October 1
March/April Issue: January 1
May/June Issue: April 1

Submissions will be reviewed by State HQ. The possibility of publication depends on space availability and the importance of the topic to VFW members. The Editor reserves the right to edit all articles for space and other considerations.

National HQ also distributes its award-winning “Checkpoint” newsletter to share Post success stories with VFW units across the nation. Visit to read the latest issues. One copy of this newsletter is sent to every Post.