Social Networking

Facebook Page

facebook screenshotState HQs encourages all VFW members and their loved ones to visit our Facebook page to stay current with important veterans-related news and event information. Please “Like” our page and share it veterans and those in the military. We encourage you to upload news and photos showing your Post success stories to our State HQs Facebook page.

State HQs also encourages Posts to set up Facebook pages to keep members informed about upcoming events and Post programs. If you are new to Facebook there are numerous “how-to” guides on the Internet to help you launch your page. Posts are strongly encouraged to create their page as a “non-profit organization” or other service-minded category, not as a “Club”, “Restaurant” or “Bar”, and to stay involved in maintaining and updating their page.

Your Facebook page should first and foremost show the VFW as a service/veterans organization, with canteen information (food and drink) secondary. You can upload canteen specials of the day/week but your Facebook postings should also include frequent news about how the Post serves veterans, our military and the community. To facilitate this Posts should make sure one of the page administrators is a VFW officer who knows the VFW’s programs and services. If your Post Facebook account only allows one administrator then make sure a Post Officer has the sign-in/password information so the Officer can place information on your page. Too many Post Facebook pages are managed by only canteen managers who primarily focus on the canteen side and who may not know about VFW programs and activities.

Please carefully screen what goes on your Facebook page to avoid comments or photos that harm the reputation of the VFW. State HQs regularly visits Post Facebook pages to ensure that the VFW’s image is not being harmed. State HQs will request that Posts remove any material that does not live up to the VFW’s legacy as a service organization; always maintain the honor, integrity and respect that the VFW has earned.

To tap into more social networking resources including Twitter and RSS feeds visit and use the home page link to “Connect with Us”.