Delegates Pass Res. Asking State to Remove Smoking Exemption

The following correspondence has been sent to members of the State of Pennsylvania House and Senate Health and Human Services Committees at the State Capitol:

Dear Health and Human Services Committee Members:

At our State Convention held June 14-17, 2017, in Pittsburgh, our Department of Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars—which consists of more than 80,000 combat zone veterans and 430 VFW Posts across the Commonwealth—approved a resolution calling for State lawmakers to pass legislation that removes exemption to the State’s Clean Indoor Air Act for PLCB-licensed clubs, bars and restaurants. Specifically, we support passage of State legislation during the current Legislative Session to get the exemption removed so all PLCB-licensed places where people gather for drink and food must adhere to the Act.

As directed by actions on our State Convention floor during the June 17, 2017 session, I submit this letter and the attached resolution, which was voted on for passage by the majority of our Convention delegates.

We ask for your complete support of this effort to further remove the dangers of smoking from all establishments that serve beverages and food to patrons. We do not support giving any category of establishment special consideration to keep the exemption.

Striking out the exemption should apply to every PLCB-licensed facility—no exceptions—to create an even playing field among non-profits who currently use the exemption to allow smoking in shared spaces. If every member-based fraternal organization with a State liquor license face the same across-the-board no-smoking regulations, then no groups will be at a competitive disadvantage resulting in the loss of members who search around for establishments that still allow smoking.

Read the rest of the letter and see the resolution passed on the State Convention floor please open the document attached to this email message.

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