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This VFW Post Operations Toolbox will help you manage the duties and responsibilities of your Post. To suggest additional information for this area please email [email protected] We encourage you to visit the log-in section of National HQ’s website, which also contains many helpful resources including online membership management, electronic submission of annual election reporting forms, VFW program promotional items and VFW products through the VFW Emblem and Supply Store.

All Posts should have several copies of the latest National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure and Roberts Rules (latest version). You can order copies of the By-Laws  through VFW Supply or by contacting State HQ (same price applies). Roberts Rules copies can be ordered online including through

“Telling the VFW Story” – A PowerPoint presentation (saved as a Adobe PDF) by National VFW Public Affairs Director Joe Davis outlining how to effectively promote the VFW to veterans of all ages, by using our mission success stories. The information provided guides Post officers, members and recruiters through “selling” the VFW as a brand/product that benefits all veterans, our troops and their families.

VFW Membership Recruiting – National Training: This link takes you to a VFW National website page with a variety of tools and resources featured during a National HQ recruiting workshop presented during the Department’s 2019 Mid-Winter Conference.

An Overview of key National and State VFW initiatives to serve veterans, our military and local communities. This PDF version of a PowerPoint created by Past State Commander/VFW Program Chairman John Brenner helps Posts of all sizes to learn about and follow up on the programs that put the VFW mission into motion. For a photo of the current Department Commander, scroll down and click on the “State Commander Photo”.

Preparing a National Convention Resolution – Use this guide to properly prepare and move a resolution to be considered at the National Convention.

Email Updates from State HQ – Post Commanders and Post QMs–and any VFW member–are encouraged to send their email address to and place “Add to Email List” in the subject line. You will be added to our master email list and will receive occasional email updates from the Department. This is the fastest way that State HQ can transmit key updates.

VFW State Service Officers – The VFW has State Service Officers located across the Commonwealth to help veterans and survivors file for VA benefits, and appeal VA decisions if an appeal is justified by supporting documents and evidence. Posts are encouraged to alert members to the fact that no veteran should pay anyone for benefits claims assistance. Please see this flyer and hang it in your canteen in a highly visible location. If you cannot print out 11 x 17 pages use this reduced size flyer. For more information about VFW State Service Officers visit the “VA Claims Help” page on this web site.

Use of VFW Name and Logo – Please review these documents before using the VFW logo/name and especially before creating any partnerships between your Post and businesses. You must request permission from National HQ before you use the VFW logo: VFW Logo Permission

Post Officer Training Information Programs – Sessions for installed Post Officers will be held in August and will benefit VFW leaders of all experience levels. Posts are encouraged to send more than one representative to these workshops.  For more information follow this link to the Events page.

Please review the list below for helpful links shown in alphabetical order by subject area. If you don’t find the information you need please call (717) 234-7927:

A Message from State Judge Advocate … Post Real Property and Liquor Licenses

Auxiliary – Membership info and application for female and male applicants scanned. Online membership option. Frequently asked questions after expansion of Auxiliary to include men. Department Auxiliary HQ website and phone, (717) 232-7604.

Bond Club Manager Application – Note: this information is applicable for bonding VFW canteen managers, canteen employees, bingo managers, gaming managers and gaming workers. Bond Club Manager Cost – Note: this information is applicable for bonding VFW canteen managers, canteen employees, bingo managers, gaming managers and gaming workers.

Bond Quartermaster Application      Bond Quartermaster Cost

Buddy Poppy – All Posts are encouraged to purchase Poppies every year to support veterans’ relief efforts and to educate the public about the Buddy Poppy. Even if your Post has Poppies left over from last year, please order new ones. In addition to passing our Poppies (and accepting donations), Posts can use Poppies to prepare entries into the Department’s Annual Buddy Poppy Display Contest and to donate to schools and nursing homes so students and senior citizens can show their patriotism. Convention Display Entry Form    Order Form     Annual Program     Poppy poem with flower graphic (prints in color, two per page)

By-Laws & Articles of Incorporation:  Post By-Laws  Post Articles of Incorporation   Home Association Bylaws   Home Association Articles of Incorporation

Disciplinary Action Forms (Post)

Cemetery plots – State HQs has access to free (donated) cemetery plots at numerous locations throughout the state.

Citizenship Education Contests – The VFW Citizenship Teacher of the Year award contest recognizes three exceptional teachers for their outstanding commitment to teaching Americanism and patriotism to their students. The Department sponsors the contest for three grade levels  This teacher award is not the same as the Voice of Democracy of the Year award. Entries start with local VFW post competitions. The National VFW website has rules and entry information at this page. The Department also sponsors a student coloring contest for youth in grades 2-5. For more information about the Citizenship teacher and coloring contests, visit the Contests & Scholarships page and scroll down to “Citizenship Education” section.

Classroom visits by veterans – All VFW members and Post officers are encouraged to review this pamphlet about planning and implementing classroom visits to help students understand the critical role veterans have played in our nation’s history.

Commanders Leadership Tips

Community Service ProgramContest Rules     Community Service Reporting Form.  If the fillable sections of this form do not calculate your information, download and save the form to your computer as “CSR Reporting Form Original File”.  Rename the file each time you complete the form to retain the original copy of the form to use in the future. Downloading the form should allow all users to type in the active fields and calculations should occur automatically.  If you prefer mailing a copy of your completed report to the program chairperson, send your form to: Mark Webster
Community Service Chairman
Department of PA, VFW
596 State Route 167
Hop Bottom, PA 18824
Phone: (570) 289-4792 Cell # (570-396-8817)
E-Mail: [email protected]
The Department thanks VFW Life Member Art Schneider for his dedication to improving our website forms.

Community Service Record Books – The Department encourages all VFW Posts to submit scrapbooks, videos or PowerPoint shows that document their community service activities during a program year. Featured items can include photos, videos, donations, thank you letters, news coverage and other materials that capture VFW community service. See the submission deadline on the form.

Communications Contest Entry Form (Department level)For Post and District newsletters and websites.  Submission deadlines for both categories is February 1st. Posts can participate in the National VFW Communications Contest by sending submissions directly to National Headquarters. Department winners do not automatically advance to the national level.

Deadlines for VFW Programs

Diabetes Research and Support  Program

District Meetings

Election Report/Post – Attention Post QMs: National HQ is encouraging you to complete and submit this form online. Using the online form is easy and allows Post QMs to simply enter the VFW membership number of each Post leader and their personal information will automatically fill in. The form is on National’s web site and is fillable online, plus a copy will automatically be sent to State HQs. To access the online form go to, log in your user name/password. After logging in, search through the QM tools, complete the Election Form and submit it. There are many other QM functions that you can perform using this section including common changes to membership records. If you have any questions contact the State Adjutant at (717) 234-7927.

Employment Awards Nomination FormsJames Gates Distinguished Service Award     Public Employment Office Service Award      Employer of the Year (three size categories/same form)

VFW Fact Sheet (Statistics about VFW Programs) 

Fiduciary Responsibilities (all officers are encouraged to review this document)

Geiger Scholarship – PA VFW Geiger Nomination Form This program offers a $1,000 scholarship for a high school student attending higher education and who have a demonstrated financial need. Applicants must be related to a veteran and must include a letter of endorsement from Post Commander. For full details and requirements see the nomination form. Application deadline is April 1st.

Healthcare Awards – The Department presents three healthcare awards annually. Nominations must be received at a participating VFW Post by February 28. Post winners to Health Awards Chairman by March 31.  Details and submission requirements

How to Ruin Your VFW Post (please print out and display it in your canteen and pass it out during Post events)

Leases (sample)     Commercial (Commercial lease would be from Post to Home Association if the Post is structured properly with Post owning the real estate and Home Assoc leasing from Post)  Residential (Post-owned apartments)

Legislative Priorities (National) – Using this brochure underscores the importance of the VFW’s advocacy work in Washington, D.C. If a potential member says, “What does the VFW do for me?”, show them this piece. And, if current members think that their VFW is not working hard enough to represent them, print out this brochure and pass it out.

Member Profile Form

Membership Recruiting Materials Order Form (form used by National HQs to fill Post orders)

Membership Contests     Dept. Program  National Program  Proven Recruiting Tips from “All-American Posts”

Membership Application Fillable Online (PDF)

Membership Briefing (PDF) – A National HQs presentation shown at the 2016 MWC.

Membership Type Determination – A worksheet to assist Canteen staff in determining membership types/eligibility for interested persons. This sheet uses a small page format (5″ x 8.5″) to allow for easy placement at or near your sign-in book or cash register. Lamination is recommended to protect the page from liquids.

National Commander Photo – (Right click on the photo when it opens, choose ‘Save as’, and place the file on your computer. Then print the file using the “size to fit” or similar print option to have the photo appear full page.)

PA VFW District Map

Patriot’s Pen Student Contest2019 Contest mailing information. Click here for more information including the application.

Post Audit Form and Instructions – NEW: This version of the form is now fillable online, but we recommend that you save the PDF file to your computer using a name like “Post Audit Form Master File,” then close the file. Then re-open the file and fill in your data for the period you are reporting. Make sure you have all areas completed, print it out and review it for accuracy and completeness. If you are ready to submit the form please fax it to State HQs (717 234-1955) or mail it in. Save the completed PDF file on your computer using a name similar to “Post Third Quarter 2014” and make sure you keep the file on your hard drive. It is recommended that you save a back-up copy somewhere other than on your computer (CD/DVD or external hard drive kept in a fireproof safe). When you prepare your next Audit form open the “Master File” and follow the same instructions.

Post Inspection Form and Form Instructions

Post Profile Form for VFW News

Post Quartermaster Ledger Post Quartermasters can use this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to fill in and track their accounting figures. (Excel software must be own your computer). Totals will automatically populate.

Post Quartermaster Detail of Receipt and Disbursements – This Microsoft Excel form can be saved to your computer and used as a handy guide to track your Post receipts and disbursements. (Excel must be loaded on your computer.) Totals will automatically populate.

Post Welcome Letter for General New Members

Post Welcome Letter for War on Terror Veterans

Post Image and Programs (PDF) – A National HQs presentation outlining VFW Programs and Post Operation presented during the 2016 MWC

Request for Department of PA VFW Representative at a Post Meeting

Requesting Ceremonial Rifles Ammunition and Military Equipment

Safety Awards (State and National)
Department of PA VFW Safety Contests – Nominations Forms for Law Enforcement Officer of the Year (requires letter of endorsement from Post Commander), EMT Award (requires endorsement letter from Post Commander), and Firefighter of the Year Award (requires letter of endorsement from Post Commander). Deadline for submitting entries to Safety Chairman is December 31. Download combined forms.    National Public Servant Award Program – Post Safety  Chairperson’s play a key role in promoting, organizing and forwarding nominations for this National level VFW Award. Here’s the information you need Entry Instructions    Entry Form

PA VFW Service Officer Flyer – outlines Department program and service locations

Small Games of Chance Document  (this shows the latest updates to the SGOC law in Pennsylvania)     Entire SGOC law (this shows the original law along with all updates made over the years)

State Commander Photo

Teacher of the Year Awards – see above under the “Citizenship Education Teacher of the Year”

Training Videos – A brand-new feature available to help VFW members learn the many aspects of our organization is the newly released VFW leadership and program training videos. Current topics include Administrative, Post Service Officer, Program and Membership Recruiting. The VFW Training Hub will be continually expanded and updated with other video topics. Please be sure to pass this important information along. Simply access the videos by using your member logon (you can create one if needed). They can be found under a new tab titled VFW TRAINING HUB located in the General Member and Tool Resources section.

Veterans CourtsVideo Explaining Veterans Courts from the Office of the Unified Courts of Pennsylvania.  News media coverage.   Encourage PA lawmakers to pass bills creating Veterans Courts in all counties and to provide funding to support the continued operation of these courts. PA VFW Veterans Court Chairman report. Also, click here to read a story in VFW Magazine titled, “Treatment Court Graduates 500th Veteran,” which reports on the Texas Veterans Court program.

VFW Baseball

VFW Veterans and Military Support – Required Monthly Report Form from National HQs

VFW Logo Story -Do you know the history of the VFW logo? Here’s the story.

VFW Store – Order everything that you need for your Post and Auxiliary from the VFW Store. The money your spend is channeled back into the VFW.

Voice of Democracy Student Contest – Please visit the Contest/Scholarships page for Post and participant information.