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The VFW Washington DC Office has a position opening as described.

DEPARTMENT:       National Veterans Service

JOB TITLE:              Associate Director, Field Operations



The Associate Director for Field Operations (ADFO) assists the Assistant Director for Field Operations in the administration of the operation of the VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Program.  The ADFO assists in the supervision of the Veterans of Foreign Wars veterans’ outreach programs to military installations in support of VA’s Pre-Discharge Claims Program.  The ADFO assists in the supervision of all Field Operations personnel located on military installations and select VA regional offices across the country. The ADSO assists in quality assurance of all Field Operations staff to include surveying clients and analyzing results.  In the absence of the Assistant Director, administers the program and supervises all NVS Field Operations employees under the Assistant Director.


In support of the Assistant Director, directs the activities of the VFW National Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives, which entails outreach programs to more than 20 military installations in the Washington, DC, area and in other geographical locations in support of the VA’s Pre-Discharge Claims Program.  Conducts quality reviews of presentations made by the VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives, monitors work progress and evaluates the adequacy of written and oral presentation.  Ensures operational production of timely and quality work by staff.

Exercises supervision over all 25 Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives and Consultants; National Rating Representatives and Consultants.

Coordinates field visits, reviews all reports for completeness and accuracy, evaluates claims procedures, monitors statements prepared on behalf of the client’s claim, and if necessary, appeal.  Executes appropriate protocol changes within operational purview or recommends changes to the appropriate directorate level. 

Counsels staff and assembles analytical data for use in NVS reports.  Serves as one of the primary statistical record keepers to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives and National Service Officers as required, to include preparing and deploying routine surveys of VFW Pre-Discharge clients

Prepares and presents, or assists in the preparation of, testimony to Congressional Committees dealing with issues pertaining to veterans’ benefits claims processing and the Pre-Discharge Claims program.

Responds to inquiries from the veterans’ community concerning veterans’ benefits through both written and oral communications, prepares material for publication, attends conferences in various federal agencies, and serves on assigned advisory committees.  Performs administrative tasks as assigned and assists in developing VFW policy/positions.

Provides orientation and training for newly assigned Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives, conducts performance counseling as appropriate, coordinates and conducts meetings and conferences in areas of concern, and provides technical assistance to the VFW staff.

Participates in VBA policy development and assesses implementation and impact of program changes at both the national and field operations level, to include providing formal recommendations to senior VA officials on ways to improve VBA programs.

Also provides substantive input into VFW/NVS analysis of all developments addressing the “Pre-Discharge Program.”

Serves as the Pre-Discharge Claims Representative for flag and general officers on an as-needed basis and serves as the Pre-Discharge Claims Representative for Military District of Washington locations not regularly served by VFW staff, such as the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD; Fort Meade, MD, the Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.; and the Pentagon, Arlington, VA. Also provides regular transition briefings on the VA disability claims process to senior military leaders in MDW.

Serves as the Pre-Discharge Claims Representative for VFW offices during periods of transition or absence for permanent VFW staff.   

Serves as a trainer during four in-person training conferences each year for the VFW’s network of accredited representatives, and assists in building training modules and provides other technical expertise relating to VFW Field Operations to the VFW Training and Quality Assurance team to support the VFW Online Learning Platform for Accredited Representatives.

Develops and maintains working relationships with military and civilian leaders at military installations where Pre-Discharge Claims programs exist.

Represent the National Organization at regional and state meetings as required.


Position requires VFW membership to attend the National Convention as a member in good standing and represent the National Organization at regional or state meetings. 

Position requires a Bachelor’s degree or a minimum three years directly-related work experience.

Position requires superior human relations, analytical and organizational skills to administer the VFW Pre-Discharge benefits policy program and coordinates the efforts of the VFW NVS Field Operations staff throughout the country.  Position requires ability to effectively and professionally interact with military personnel of all ranks, from NCOs to general officers or the equivalent.

Position demands a thorough grounding in the applicable laws and regulations governing the administrative decision-making process within VA, and applicable military separations regulations to include the military disability retirement regulations.  The operation of this section impacts substantially upon the due process rights of veteran claimants/appellants.

Superior knowledge is required of military regulations, directives and terminology, including especially military discharge characterization, to properly supervise and mentor the staff in the representation of separating active duty military personnel in applying for benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Position requires knowledge of given subjects to such a degree as to make the incumbent authoritative in veterans’ affairs, particularly knowledge of all VA programs sufficient to address issues concerning claims representation, and military separations.  Superior communications skills, written and oral are critical to position.  Typically includes public speaking on a particular subject and incumbent may be frequently called upon for his/her views on a special veterans’ affairs issue.  Position calls for substantial training skills to ensure consistency and equality of staff effort in terms of the claims and appeals process.

Position requires three years directly related experience in the same or closely related field, or an adequate combination of education / experience.  Position requires VFW accreditation with the Department of Veterans Affairs and successful completion of the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Training, Responsibility, Involvement and Preparation of claims (TRIP) test.  Incumbent will, from time to time, be required to take recertification tests to monitor their proficiency in the laws pertaining to veterans’ benefits.

Advanced knowledge of personal computers, including software applications, case management techniques and other electronic applications in a fully automated office environment is required.


Position is FLSA exempt.

Incumbent is under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director for Field Operations, National Veterans Service and has direct supervision of technical/professional staff assigned to Field Operations.  Assigns work and checks results, may recommend hiring, discipline and promotion actions, and has direct input into the performance appraisal.

Decisions have significant impact on VFW claims and appellate assistance provided by the Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives.

Plans and prioritizes work of staff on a recurring basis.  With the Assistant Director for Field Operations, develops annual and strategic plans.  Typical problem solving includes determining the appropriate course of action to resolve an issue stemming from the failure of VA to follow established procedures in providing services to veterans.  The Associate Director prepares a series of monthly and quarterly reports for the approval of the Assistant Director. 

Typical contacts are VFW staff, service members and the general public to resolve issues or clarify policies.  Contact is required with federal agencies, especially DOD, and VA staff for coordination, negotiation and resolving issues, to include the Office of the Secretary and other high level VA staff.  Incumbent must maintain an effective liaison with the Department Service Officers, Washington Regional Office, and National Headquarters Service Officer.

Incumbent has impact upon VFW financial operations by participating in the development of an annual National Veterans Service budget addressing specifically the Veterans Benefits section of Field Service.


Incumbent functions in a normal office environment approximately 70% of the time.  Domestic travel is required to participate in site surveys, training conferences, and National Conventions approximately 30% of the time.  Position is located in Washington, DC.


With the Assistant Director for Field Operations:

Ensures the efficient management of daily activities of the VFW Pre-Discharge Service Offices.

Ensures military personnel inquiries are adequately reviewed and processed, appropriate documentation is accurately completed, and the claim is promptly forwarded to applicable agency in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Ensures the staff is provided adequate training concerning the provision of the services in the veterans’ benefits arena to the veterans’ community.

Ensures the timely and efficient response to written and oral inquiries regarding veterans’ benefits received from VFW staff, members, and the general public.

Ensures the quality control of the VFW effort to provide effective administrative appeals representation to veterans.

Ensures preparation of accurate testimony on veterans’ benefits issues for presentation before Congress or other organizations, as required.

Ensures the effective and efficient management of the VFW Pre-Discharge Offices.  Ensures the maintenance and reporting of pertinent statistical data pertaining to these offices.

Monitors VBA program developments and implementation at field level.

Coordinates with National Veterans Service Training/Quality Control Specialist in development of training program.

The above duties are general in nature and are not intended to reflect all of the duties, which may be required of the incumbent.

*This position is not eligible for relocation assistance. *

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