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VFW Membership Recruiting Resources

To purchase membership recruiting displays including pull-up banners, tablecloths, canopy tents and more visit the VFW Store – These materials provide Posts of any size with colorful, professional and informative promotional items that help recruit new members.

National Recruiting Material Brochure (what’s available) Order Form: (how to order from National HQ) – The brochure showcases both free and low-cost supplies that are available. Carefully complete the order form to ensure that you correctly calculate any applicable costs and provide the required payment information. Fax or mail the form to National HQ. State HQ only keeps a small supply of some free items; products that incur a cost must be ordered through National HQ. Orders for recruiting materials should be placed at least 3 weeks before your event date. If you have less time before your event call the number on the order form and ask about rush delivery.

Proven Recruiting Tips from “All-American Posts”

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Recruiting Training Video – A feature to help VFW members learn the many aspects of our organization including membership recruiting. The VFW Training Hub can be accessed by using your member logon (you can create one if needed). They can be found under a new tab titled VFW TRAINING HUB located in the General Member and Tool Resources section.

All posts are encouraged to create relationships with local military units and to support the troops at drills, Freedom Salutes, welcome home events and troop deployment ceremonies. VFW MAP grants are available to help posts of all sizes to serve food, beverages (water, soda, Gatorade) and other items at these events (post volunteers must be involved in serving the items to show hands-on involvement; i.e., grants do not cover catered events). Posts should also consider holding special events for troops or entire military families.

Online resources – National HQs gives eligible members the option of joining the VFW using their online membership process ( There is also a membership app that can be used on smart phones that sends eligible members’ contact information to Post Quartermasters (Post QMs must use the online membership tool offered by National HQs through to receive notification that there is an online member inquiry waiting in their account for action. In addition, there is a fillable membership form that can be emailed to eligible members to be completed and them emailed to a Post Quartermaster along with proof of eligibility.

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In addition to materials available from National HQ, the Department can provide you with PDF files for making banners, signs and flyers to draw attention to your VFW display. Click and use the files below to have recruiting graphics or flyers printed locally.

By the Numbers – “No One Does More for Veterans” – Request a master copy of this great handout to print on your own. This one flyer shows how much the VFW does for veterans and military personnel.

Video – Get the Shot
VFW Store – to purchase membership recruiting displays including pull-up banners, tablecloths, canopy tents and more.