Why the VFW is Important to Me

VFW 2008 cover image from Natl HQ Cropped to peopleRegardless of age or period of service, all veterans benefit greatly through the service and camaraderie provided by VFW membership.

PFC Kristal Robinson, 19Active Army Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom:
“When you come back from serving overseas, even if you are still in the active military, VFW membership serves as a super strong foundation of support.”

Sgt. Joshua Ferencz, 21 – Active Army Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom & Korea:
“I’m proud to be among other veterans, including older veterans, who served our nation during war. At my post I belong to a family of veterans and I learn about benefits that I’m eligible for.”

Charles GouldArmy Reserves Veteran, Operation Enduring Freedom:
“I found a close knit family of veterans who were very friendly. Being a member makes me proud to be an American. I enjoy talking with veterans who understand my experiences.”

Calvin Wetzell, 22National Guard & Army Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom:
“I wanted to join the ranks of other veterans who served in combat. I can relax there and relate to issues other veterans experience. Being a member has helped me settle back into life after war.”

Joshua Fedor, 23 – Army Reserves Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom:
“I joined the VFW to serve my fellow veterans and my community, and because of its reputation of supporting soldiers and their families. My post gives me a support group of veterans.”

Jefferson Mann, 25 – Marine Staff Sergeant, Operations Enduring/Iraqi Freedom:
“I wanted to find the camaraderie that I enjoyed in the Marines and found that at my post. Since Post members are veterans, Post members can relate to my experiences and they support me.”

Sgt. Rebecca Miller, 26 – Active Army Reserves Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom:
“Being a member of the VFW has broadened my horizons. I love the new circle of friends that my husband and have made. I know my post is always there to help us if I need it.”

Ruth Fairchild, 41Army Veteran, Operation Desert Storm:
“Membership helped me to continue my feeling of patriotism. I’ve been able to reach out and touch the lives of other veterans of the past, present and future. I’m proud of my membership.”

Christian Wood, 47Air Force Active Reserve Veteran, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom:
“I wanted to be a part of the VFW because it respects, honors and supports veterans. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about veterans’ issues and history, and enjoy the camaraderie.”

Dwight Fuhrman, 53Army Veteran, Vietnam War:
“I have made new friends and have learned a lot about veterans’ issues and other topics. I love the VFW and what we do for veterans, to support the community and educate the public.”

Larry Wade, 56Navy Veteran, Vietnam War:
“I’ve enjoyed being around other veterans from WWII to the present. We can relate to each other regardless of when we served. Our post is more than a place to socialize; it is a community.”

Dick Shatzer, 76Air Force veteran, Korean War:
“VFW membership guided me to the benefits that veterans have earned and provided me with chances to serve others and the community.”

George Mullen, 79Navy veteran, Atlantic & Pacific Theaters in World War II:
“The VFW represents veterans and getting legislation passed that helps veterans and their families. The VFW doesn’t let party lines determine who it supports—it supports lawmakers that stand by veterans. I have enjoyed the chance to volunteer in ways that help veterans.”

Robert Barker, 80Army veteran, European Theater in World War II:
“Combat veterans earned the right to belong to the VFW and to benefit from its many programs. Combat veterans are special people who can help carry on the proud VFW traditions including service to their comrades, teaching youth what it means to be an American and serving the community. I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences of war with other veterans.”

Top Reasons Why VFW Membership Is the Best Move a Veteran Can Make:

  • Membership brings you into the strong fold of the VFW family where camaraderie, service and support helps veterans of all ages
  • Your small yearly membership investment supports the VFW’s ability to keep a strong presence in the legislative process when veterans legislation is debated
  • You have access to the VFW’s excellent veterans service officer network that every year connects veterans with more than $45 million in benefits
  • Membership benefits can save you thousands of dollars in each year
  • Your membership supports other veterans who need a helping hand including homeless veterans, those battling the impact of post traumatic stress disorder and all veterans as they return to civilian and professional life
  • Post and Ladies Auxiliary members provide an outstanding support system for veterans and their families during and after military deployments