PA VFW Asked to Support Deployed Guardians

State HQ now has APO addresses for use by VFW Posts, Auxiliaries and members to send care packages to many deployed members of the PA Guard’s 28th ID now overseas. Guardians from across the state serve in this BN. Whether you can only send one box or 10 or more, VFW support of this group will show these PA soldiers that the VFW supports them and their families 100%, both now and when they come home.

Please strongly consider sending packages to each of these APOs, and make sure that they know the goodies from back home are coming from the VFW and Auxiliary. Be sure to report your troop support activity to State HQ so we know of your outreach to these Guardians. Please advise Public Affairs Director David Sandman ([email protected]) if you plan to send a large shipment of boxes at one time, so he can advise his military contacts.

Items requested by troops include:
Care packages for Deployed PA Guardians …

HQ just received some feedback from our contacts with the PAARNG 28th ID HHBN now deployed forward. When preparing your care packages for these 500 soldiers in the Middle East, please consider including these requested items:
– Big bags of Swedish Fish
– Bags of good ground coffee
– Beef Jerky Slim Jims
– Hershey candy (more candy and less chocolate- tends to get melted)
– Healthy snacks (granola bars, trail mix, protein bars)
– Gum
– Current issues of magazines (hunting, cars, video games)
– Chewable, lickable items
– Other snacks
– PA made treats that won’t melt
Here are the two APOs that the VFW can use to show their support for our Guardians overseas:

PA Guard Personnel
APO AE 09315
APO, AE  09306
Thank you, VFW Posts, Auxiliaries and members for your support of our troops serving overseas. You can direct questions to State HQ/Public Affairs Director David Sandman, [email protected] Please let David know if you plan to send a large number of care packages at one time.


To learn more about how the VFW can support military personnel and their families, visit

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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