Citizen Education

The good will of the VFW reaches far beyond the realm of veterans helping veterans. In fact, direct involvement with America’s youth and communities has always been — and always will be — a VFW priority.

We believe that those who forget our nation’s past—or take for granted the critical role veterans have filled in our history—could overlook growing threats to America’s foundation.

Our programs educate citizens of all ages about why freedom must be defended at our borders and throughout the world. We teach others about the important role veterans have played throughout our nation’s history and why it is critical to support those who defend our freedom today.

Through classroom visits, student contests, teacher recognition, holiday ceremonies, building monuments, patriotic celebrations and veteran recognition programs, the VFW keeps America’s history alive to help shape our nation’s future.

See the “Serving Others” section, then “Contests & Scholarships” for information about Citizenship Education contests.