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VFW National HQ Web Site
VFW Store – Order everything that you need for your Post and Auxiliary from the VFW Store. A portion of the money your spend is channeled back into the Pennsylvania VFW.
Facebook – PA State HQ
Facebook – National HQ
Legislative Priorities (National) – Using this brochure underscores the importance of the VFW’s advocacy work in Washington, D.C. If a potential member says, “What does the VFW do for me?”, show them this piece. And, if current members think that their VFW is not working hard enough to represent them, print out this brochure and pass it out.
PA VFW Auxiliary
National VFW Auxiliary
Military Order of the Cooties
National Home for Children
The National Defense Radio Show (VFW Sponsored)
VFW Foundation – Support the VFW’s service to and support of combat veterans, military personnel and their families
CVS Flags (Collins Flags)
VFW Supports the Friends of Valley Forge (FoVF) – FOVF Highlights: Forging Ahead
                               FoVF: Work of the Friends          Valley Forge Park Overview

Veterans of OIF, OEF, New Dawn, Inherent Resolve and More Current Deployments  (also see Education/Student Veteran links)
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Returning OIF/OEF and New Dawn Veterans
VFW National Employment Service
VA Vet CentersVet Centers are community-based counseling centers that provide a wide range of social and psychological services, including professional readjustment counseling to eligible Veterans, active duty service members, including National Guard and Reserve components, and their families. Readjustment counseling is offered to make a successful transition from military to civilian life or after a traumatic event experienced in the military.  Individual, group, marriage and family counseling is offered in addition to referral and connection to other VA or community benefits and services. Vet Center counselors and outreach staff, many of whom are Veterans themselves, are experienced and prepared to discuss the tragedies of war, loss, grief and transition after trauma.

Health Related: Post-Traumatic Stress/Readjustment Support/Recovery Resources
(For non-VA related links below, these resources are meant to be a substitute for getting appropriate medical care. These links are meant to provide users with a general level of information. The VFW urges all service personnel, veterans and their loved ones to seek professional assistance for any condition or suspected issues related to emotional and physical wellness.)

MagicMobility for Veterans – We have two ways of helping applicants get much needed mobility: (1) transferring donated used vans, and (2) helping those eligible for VA funding, to raise the additional $15- 20,000 to purchase their van. Application to request a van or donate:   Crowdfunding to help get supplemental funding to purchase a van:
Blood Alcohol Level – What is it and how to learn more.
Equine TherapyWoerth It Hollow, a 501(c)3 farm in Kirkwood, PA that provides veterans with equine therapy and farm education opportunities.
Mental Health Awareness
VFW and Patients Like Me Partner to Promote Mental Health Awareness for All Veterans – video
PTSD National Center
PTSD/TBI – Make the Connections You Need … Don’t go it alone!
PTSD & TBI Video – How to Recognize It and What to Do
PTSD – Raising Awareness about PTSD: A Resource Guide from the website
Rehabilitation Resources: There are numerous facilities across the nation that help individuals recover from addictions and manage emotional issues impacting their lives including PTSD. You can learn about these by using web searches.
Reboot Combat Recovery – REBOOT upholds the “teach a man to fish” ideal and equips our members to move past REBOOT and live an abundant life.
Rehabilitation from Alcohol Addiction – This website and service provider does not operate as a part of the VA. Veterans and their loved ones should fully research all recovery programs with regard to recovery methods used, staffing, location of services, possible health insurance costs and other potential costs related to participation. The VFW does not endorse addiction recovery providers, nor does the VFW hold any responsibility for any issues that may arise through a veteran’s participation in a addition recovery program.
Save a Warrior organization  Detox and suicide prevention program through vet-to-vet interaction/PTSD support
Suicide  Prevention Among the Military and Veterans
The HelpGuide Website – A trusted guide to mental, emotional and social health
The Moment When Recovery Begins
VA Mental Health/Addiction Recovery Resources
VA Homeless Veteran Resources

Veterans Courts

Veteran’s How To Guide – Regarding obtaining veteran’s disability benefits, dealing with clinical psychological disorders and problematic stress responses
VA Vet CentersVet Centers are community-based counseling centers that provide a wide range of social and psychological services, including professional readjustment counseling to eligible Veterans, active duty service members, including National Guard and Reserve components, and their families. Vet Center counselors and outreach staff, many of whom are Veterans themselves, are experienced and prepared to discuss the tragedies of war, loss, grief and transition after trauma.

Education/Student Veterans:
VFW & Student Veterans of America
VA GI Bill web Site
GI Bill School Comparison Tool
Online College Resource A comprehensive resource that provides veterans with information about using the money awarded to them by the GI Bill to help pursue a university education. It contains a database that allows our service men and women to search for online colleges. Accredited Schools Online
Affordable Online Degree Programs – online college and resource center (accreditation, financial aid, scholarship info)
The Servicemember’s Guide to Academic Programs and Aid
Mental Health Challenges Facing Students (resources from
2016 Top Military Friendly Online Colleges
Nursing Degree Information
Social Worker Degree Programs

Military and Military Family Related:
Army Retirees – Army Echoes is the Army’s official newsletter for Retired Soldiers and surviving spouses.
Air Force
Air Force Retirees
Coast Guard
National Guard Bureau
Tricare, Military Health System
KidsPeace – Providing military families with a safe, dependable resource for helping youth with behavioral issues – Totally Real. Totally Anonymous. Safe and confidential. connects teens with other teens from military families and with problem-solving resources.

General Veterans Topics
Disability Care Center – For Information about Social Security Disability benefits for veterans. Veterans trying to learn about and file for VA benefits alone should contact State HQs to be connected with PA VFW State Service Officers who are accredited with the VA to connect veterans and their survivors with benefits they are eligible to receive.
Engineering Careers – Air Force Acquisition Civilian Careers
Financial Services – USAA 
Healthcare – Humana     VFW Letter from Humana
Military Funerals
Military Service Documents & Medals
Mausoleum Flag Holders – Provides a way to attached small American flags to recognize veterans
Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation  The PA Veterans Foundation which makes grants to help needy veterans endure and recover from difficult times, and which supports organizations that assist veterans. Donations are needed to sustain this life-changing fund. Applications must be submitted through a County Veterans Service Office or a VA social worker.
Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc.  – A Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation that has 501(c)(3) charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service and offers Pennsylvania wounded warriors, their families, or Pennsylvania veterans with medical emergencies financial assistance.
POW/Missing Personnel Office
Request Your Medical & Health Records
Tax Exemptions A review of online tax filing services that may help veterans find eligible exemptions
Vans for Handicapped Veterans – MagicMobility, part of  Special Kids Fund (SKF) has a national wheelchair van program, which receives donated adapted vehicles and distributes to needy individuals and families throughout the US. MagicMobility connects veterans with wheelchair accessible vans and assists in the fundraising process via MagicMobility, organized on-line crowdfunding campaigns and local marketing efforts to raise the necessary funds to pay for the van.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Veterans Oral History Project
Veterans Courts
Veterans Leadership Program of Western PA

Job Info Resources
Ready to Start Your Civilian Career … Where to Start
Business Start Up Ideas
Business Opportunities
Career Guide – Veteran’s Guide to Getting Hired
Merck ManufacturingEmployment options and other support for veterans from Merck Manufacturing, West Point PA site
Organic Farming Training/Employment Program – Rodale Institute, in Kutztown, PA
Pittsburgh Hires Veterans
Civilian Job Opportunities
Veteran’s Preference in State Civil Service Employment
Employment Announcements – Veterans searching for employment opportunities are encouraged to follow the Department’s page on Facebook where we frequently post employment openings sent to State HQs.
Pride Mobility – Always interested in speaking with veterans about possible employment

Veteran-Owned Businesses
Resources for Veteran-Owned Businesses
Business Start Up Ideas
How to Fund Your Business – A tool for planning how much financing your business will take and the best ways to secure it.
How to Guide for Starting a Veteran-Owned Business – Covers a variety of important topics related to launching a business.
Center for Veterans Enterprise

Web Site Development Companies Operated by Veterans:
General Vet-Owned Businesses
VFW National Website Solution Program – log in to, enter the “training and support section,” and read about the VFW Post website design and maintenance service endorsed by National HQ.

State Level
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Department of Revenue
Find PA State Legislators
Liquor Control Board
PA House Veterans Affairs Committee
PA Senate Veterans Affairs Committee
Secretary of State – Obtain information on Post incorporation
State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement
State Veterans Commission

Federal Level
All Federal Government Benefits
Department of Defense
Find PA Federal Legislators
Social Security Administration
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate Veterans Affairs Committee
White House

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Center for Minority Veterans
Center for Women Veterans
Homeless Veterans Page
Home Loan Guarantee
Mental Health Resources 
My Health e Vet
National Veterans Cemeteries
Returning OIF/OEF and New Dawn Veterans
Veterans Affairs Home Page

Veterans Associations (Email [email protected] to have your veterans group included)
Scions of the 17th Airborne