Scout of the Year is Continuing

A message from the Youth Programs Coordinator, National VFW HQ:

After receiving several emails and phone calls inquiring if the Scout of the Year program is moving forward, given the current situation with COVID-19.

Yes, Scout of the Year is continuing and the deadline dates still apply.  Posts/Districts will need to submit their winning entries to the Department Headquarters/Scouting Chairman by April 1. Departments will need to submit 1 winning entry to national by May 1.

Now because COVID-19 and social distancing has put a strain on operations, if a Post or District is going to be late submitting their entry please work with them. At national I will do the same for Departments, but you must communicate with us.

Judging in person may not be an option now for some, and there are other options to complete your judging.  One way is email, send your judges entries in a zip file to save space. Another option, we use at national, is creating a share file and uploading the entries online. An example on where to create a share file that is free is Microsoft OneDrive. If you have questions on how to create a share file or ideas on how to complete judging let me know.

I hope this email finds you all safe and healthy.

Please pass this information on to your Scouting Chairman, State Scouting Teams, Posts and Districts.

Best Regards,

Nick Lopez

Youth Programs Coordinator

VFW National Headquarters

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