Young Vets Support

What does a 26-year-old-combat veteran and young married couples who both served overseas have in common with veterans from the Vietnam War, Korean War or World War II? Plenty. While their service eras may be decades apart, VFW members’ stories about their service days are often very similar. War is war, and combatants from different wars go through many shared experiences: deploying to extreme areas of the world, taking fire, taking lives, watching friends be hit and living with physical and emotional wounds. Many young veterans appreciate being able to share their stories with, and draw support from, their VFW comrades.

Many of today’s Posts are changing the way they look and act to attract younger veterans and their families. Some have built modern, family friendly facilities while others have renovated their Posts to make them more appealing. Post activities have adapted to provide services and opportunities younger veterans enjoy.

Even if you don’t go into your local Post, VFW membership delivers a broad range of support and services—at the local, state and national levels—that help younger veterans enjoy life. There are financial benefits of joining the VFW when veterans are younger including membership in the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, reduced life membership fees, computer discounts, travel savings and more. For the price of two large pizzas and movie, being a VFW member gives recently discharged veterans many friends, ways to serve their veterans, valuable discounts on services and products, and a chance to preserve the veterans’ benefits you enjoy today.