Support PA HB 1048 to Exempt VFW Posts from Surtax

PA VFW Posts are encouraged to contact their State Representative asking them to support PA House Bill 1048, which will exempt National Veterans Organizations and volunteer fire companies from paying the state’s $700 Liquor License Surtax. Click here to view the bill.

3 thoughts on “Support PA HB 1048 to Exempt VFW Posts from Surtax

  1. I tried to raise awareness on this issue in 2017 and thought something might come from the HB1901 that 21 Reps sent to the Liquor Commission. They reviewed it for two years and it never saw the light of day. It died at the end of the 2017-18 session and was replaced by HB1048. I recently questioned the Liquor Commission Chairman, Rep. Pyle on the progress of HB1048 and he informed me they were reviewing it. I am getting some help from Post 3460 members in contacting the nine Reps in the Delaware County area but do not have any District support and when I contacted the Department Judge Advocate for any ideas he acted like he knew nothing about it. I’ve written to a dozen Reps in and out of my area, the replies are not encouraging. I’d like to hear from some other like minded individuals with ideas.

    1. I will forward your comments to your District Commander. Thank you for your efforts and don’t give up! Keep hitting up your State Rep and ask him to put the bill up for support among his party’s caucus (leadership, who prioritize which legislation to get onto the front burner).

      1. Post 3460 members and I have contacted all 8 Delaware County State Representatives. Two are co-sponsors and working with us the rest are not communicating probably because our members are not their constituents. I wrote to the Chairman of the House liquor commission and received a non answer. I have contacted our District 7 Commander and asked for contact information for the other Posts so we can put this before all our Reps while they are in their home Districts. My contact yesterday with the Constituent Outreach Specialist for Rep. Chris Quinn, District 168 revealed that there are amendments to the Bill to be proposed at a meeting scheduled for August 27th. She had no details to give me. Three years into this I’m not giving up! You came to this party late but I’m glad you’re finally in it.

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