VFW: Thank You, Vietnam War Veterans

Today we honor Vietnam War Veterans Day and the more than 3.4 million military personnel who served in the Republic of Vietnam or elsewhere in Southeast Asia in support of the U.S. military operations in Vietnam.

Because of the actions of Vietnam veterans, the flame of freedom burns brighter today, throughout the world. The tradition of service demonstrated by those who served during the Vietnam War provides lasting testimony to the indomitable and tenacious spirit that resides in the hearts of our Vietnam veterans.

Welcome home!

2 thoughts on “VFW: Thank You, Vietnam War Veterans

  1. March 29, VFW POST 4793, Waynesburg Pa. held a Thank you Vietnam Veterans appreciation,recognition program and there was 120+ in attendance! This was rhe third year for this program and it attracts more of the general public each year! WOULD like to get picture of event in VFW monthly paper!!!!!!!

    1. Please send a few photos and a caption with details of your program to State HQ Public Affairs Director David Sandman using [email protected] or using USPS. Thank you for holding this event and for contacting us.

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